General History

Books to explore

  • Trees in England

    Author: Tom Williamson , Gerry Barnes , Toby Pillatt

    Format: Paperback

    The results of an ambitious research project are here shaped into a richly detailed survey of English arboriculture over the last four centuries.


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  • A History of Doughty's Hospital, Norwich, 1687-2009

    Author: Nigel Goose , Leanne Moden

    Format: Paperback

    A fascinating history of this still thriving almshouse, contextualised within the broader history of the city of Norwich and its various philanthropic initiatives, as well as within the wider history of philanthropy and social policy.

    £9.99 £7.50

  • New Directions in Local History Since Hoskins

    Editor: Christopher Dyer , Andrew Hopper , Evelyn Lord , Nigel Tringham

    Format: Paperback

    Local history in Britain can trace its origins back to the sixteenth century and before, but it was given inspiration and a new sense of direction in the 1950s and 60s by the work of W.G. Hoskins. This book marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his Local history

    £16.99 £14

  • Wearmouth and Jarrow

    Author: Sam Turner , Sarah Semple , Alex Turner

    Format: Paperback

    “This is an attractive book which is exceptionally well-illustrated...” Archaeological Journal

    £20 £14