Hertfordshire publications

Hertfordshire in history: people, places, society; industry, craft and culture

Hertfordshire Publications was founded 40 years ago and became an imprint of the University of Hertfordshire Press in February 2001.

It publishes local history books in association with the Hertfordshire Association for Local History (HALH) whose membership includes both individuals and local history societies in Hertfordshire. Members receive a discount on the retail price of books published in the series.

Book proposals

Proposals for new books on Hertfordshire history will be considered by the Hertfordshire Publications Editorial Committee and the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • The imprint is confined to the publication of books on the history of Hertfordshire.
  • Only books of county-wide interest will be accepted for publication. This would in most cases exclude parish histories.
  • We would normally expect manuscripts to be not less than 40,000 words long.

Books to explore

  • A Place in the Country

    Author: Judith Pettigrew , Rory W. Reynolds , Sandra Rouse

    Format: Paperback

    Three Counties Asylum 1860-1999

    £12.99 £10 (no p&p)

  • Humphry Repton in Hertfordshire

    Editor: Susan Flood , Tom Williamson

    Format: Hardback

    Documents and landscapes


    Coming soon

  • A Caring County?

    Editor: Steven King , Gillian Gear

    Format: Paperback

    This comparative study gathers together new research by local historians into aspects of welfare in Hertfordshire spanning four centuries.

    £16.99 £13.50 (no p&p)

  • An Historical Atlas of Hertfordshire

    Editor: David Short

    Format: Paperback

    Printed in full colour, and with a fold-out parish map, the Historical Atlas is an essential tool for the local historian and anyone with an interest in this fascinating county.

    £25 £20 (no p&p)

  • Archaeology in Hertfordshire

    Editor: Kris Lockyear

    Format: Paperback

    This volume celebrates the close collaboration of professional archaeologists and highly skilled avocational groups that is a hallmark of archaeology in Hertfordshire.

    £20 £15 (no p&p)

  • Children of the Labouring Poor

    Author: Eileen Wallace

    Format: Paperback

    This book focuses on the lives of working children in nineteenth-century Hertfordshire employed in agriculture, straw-plaiting, silk-throwing, paper and brickmaking and as chimney sweeps.

    £14.99 £12 (no p&p)

  • Cinemas of Hertfordshire

    Author: Allen Eyles , Keith Skone

    Format: Paperback

    This is a book that will intrigue and entertain film buffs and local historians alike.

    £9.99 £7 (no p&p)

  • Hertfordshire

    Author: Anne Rowe , Tom Williamson

    Format: Paperback

    Lavishly illustrated with maps and photographs, this authoritative work will be invaluable reading for all those with an interest in the history, archaeology, and natural history of this fascinating county.

    £18.99 £14 (no p&p)

  • Hertfordshire Garden History - Volume 2

    Editor: Deborah Spring

    Format: Paperback

    “This is thorough, well-illustrated with archive pictures, and of interest to readers way beyond Hertfordshire's boundaries.” Historic Gardens Foundation Newsletter

    £16.99 £14 (no p&p)

  • Medieval Parks of Hertfordshire

    Author: Anne Rowe

    Format: Paperback

    “There is something in Rowe's book for everyone, from those interested in the history of the county, or of parks generally, to those requiring methodological templates for their own local studies.”


    Not currently available.

  • Parks in Hertfordshire since 1500

    Author: Hugh Prince

    Format: Paperback

    In this authoritative history of Hertfordshire's great parks, Dr Hugh Prince considers the cultural, political and economic influences on their changing fortunes over the past 500 years.

    £18.99 £10 (no p&p)

  • St Albans

    Editor: Jonathan Mein , Anne Wares , Sue Mann

    Format: Paperback

    This study examines the reality of life on the Home Front in St Albans during the First World War.

    £18.99 £15 (no p&p)

  • St Albans 1650-1700

    Editor: J.T. Smith , M.A. North

    Format: Paperback

    This study of the small cathedral city of St Albans offers a rare insight into social change in a typical English community between 1650 and 1700.

    £16 £10 (no p&p)

  • The Origins of Hertfordshire

    Author: Tom Williamson

    Format: Paperback

    Greatly expanded and extensively revised, this book examines the history of Hertfordshire from late prehistoric times to the thirteenth century.

    £16.99 £10 (no p&p)

  • The Peaceful Path

    Author: Stephen V. Ward

    Format: Paperback

    Stephen Ward reassesses the legacy of Ebenezer Howard.

    £16.99 £12 (no p&p)

  • Tracing your Family History in Hertfordshire

    Author: Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

    Format: Paperback

    This practical and comprehensive guide provides an indispensable introduction to everything family historians need to know in order to trace their ancestors.

    £9.99 £5 (no p&p)

  • Wind, Water and Steam

    Author: Hugh Howes

    Format: Paperback

    Heavily illustrated with both historic and contemporary photographs, this book acts as an invaluable guide to Hertfordshire's mills.

    £14.99 £10 (no p&p)